I am Adam Sierakowski and I believe humans are amazing things. This world, growing ever more dependent on its machines, its cars, its smartphones, its televisions, reminds me daily how truly amazing it is to be human.

Well-designed and well-built machines do their job exceedingly well. I aspire to perform my jobs with such efficiency and strength. But in spite of their mastery of their roles, every machine has a flaw: it is not human. Machines cannot fix themselves when they break down; the human body can heal and grow. Humans can grow not only physically, but intellectually. As smart as your smartphone may be, it still requires updates to be able to do new things. As a human, I need updates too, but I myself control when I get them and what content they contain. But I don’t have to stop there. I can even synthesize new knowledge seemingly out of thin air.

This capacity for growth that sets me apart from a machine is amazing. In this web site, I seek to gather the evidence that I encounter that sets me apart from machinery. I will chronicle my life as I seek to achieve that efficiency and strength that machines have mastered. I hope you find this site interesting, but if you don’t please forgive me. I am, after all, only human.